Jodie Foster Says Her Two Sons Are 'Amazing Artists'

"My older one is really into improv," Foster tells PEOPLE

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Jodie Foster‘s kids are following in their famous mother’s footsteps.

The actress dished on her two sons, Charlie, 18, and Kit, 15, at the 40th anniversary celebration of Taxi Driver in New York City Thursday, admitting that they both have been bit by the entertainment bug.

“My older one is really into improv,” Foster, 53, tells PEOPLE. “He’s an amazing artist.”

Foster says she could certainly see Charlie having a career in Hollywood – but first he needs to finish school.

“He’s also a really good student, so he’ll go to college,” she adds.

As for her younger son, Foster thinks he’s more likely to take the musical route.

“My little one is just the nicest person I’ve ever met,” she says. “And he likes to play trombone.”

A former child star herself, Foster was just 12 years old when she portrayed a runaway-turned-prostitute in Taxi Driver.

Though she was a young girl at the time, Foster says she still understood the mature content in the film.

“I wasn’t sheltered about information,” Foster told reporters, adding that her mother exposed her to all aspects of ’70s cinema. “We went to see everything, that means every R-rated movie around. I remember her telling me to go get popcorn during the weird parts.”

The film, about a disgruntled cab driver who becomes obsessed with the idea of saving the world, went on to become one of the highest-rated films of all time.

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