Joaquin Phoenix Teases Possible Joker Sequel: 'There Are Some Things We Could Do'

Joaquin Phoenix remained coy about the possibility of a follow-up to his 2019 villain origin story Joker

JOKER Joaquin Phoenix
Photo: Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros. Entertainment

Joaquin Phoenix isn't closing the book on Arthur Fleck just yet.

The actor, 46, is open to the idea of a sequel to Joker, the 2019 Todd Phillips film in which he played a young version of the infamous DC villain. Phoenix, who earned an Oscar for his portrayal of Arthur in Joker, recently told The Playlist that he sees potential for a follow-up film.

"I mean, I dunno. From when we were shooting, we started to — you know, uhh, this is an interesting guy," Phoenix said, speaking of his Joker character. "There are some things we could do with this guy and could [explore] further. But as to whether we actually will? I don't know."

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker
Joker (2019) Joaquin Phoenix. Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros.

Rumors of a second Joker film have been swirling for a while now, dating back to 2019, when the film was first released. In November of that year, The Hollywood Reporter reported that a sequel was "on the way" after the original film brought in over $1 billion.

"As the movie keeps raking in money overseas, Phillips is in talks to reprise his role as director for a second Joker outing (he and Scott Silver, who penned the gritty Joker screenplay, will write the follow-up)," THR added.

No official plans for a Joker sequel have been announced since.

Phoenix previously expressed interest in returning for another film as Arthur Fleck. In October 2019, the actor appeared on Popcorn with Peter Travers, where he told the film critic, "I talked to Todd [Phillips] a lot about what else we might be able to do, in general, just working together, but also specifically, if there's something else with Joker that might be interesting."

Joaquin Phoenix in Joker
Todd Phillips/Instagram

Phillips, who previously directed the Hangover films, shut down the idea for a Joker franchise similar to his hit comedy trio. He insisted to GameSpot in 2019 that Joker was "one movie."

"We have no plan for a sequel," the director added. "We made this movie, I pitched it to Warner Bros. as one movie, it exists in its own world, that's it. It's not about world-building, it's not about other versions, it's like, here's our version of the origin story, that's it."

While Phoenix hasn't confirmed any plans for a Joker sequel, he's been keeping busy with other projects. His most recent film, C'mon C'mon, debuted at the Telluride Film Festival in September, and he's currently filming Disappointment Blvd., and set to star in Kitbag as Napoleon Bonaparte.

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