"I would like him to go home with nothing," Jimmy Kimmel quipped of arch-rival Matt Damon, whose is a nominated producer on Best Picture contender Manchester by the Sea


Jimmy Kimmel says he’s looking forward to hosting the 89th Academy Awards, but the comedian admits there’s one person he doesn’t want to see win: Matt Damon.

“Unfortunately, we’ll see Matt Damon,” Kimmel cracked about his longtime arch-rival during an ABC interview aired Wednesday on Good Morning America. “Of course I’m rooting against him.”

The Damon-produced film, Manchester by the Sea, is up for Best Picture among other categories at the awards show, and Kimmel says he’s hoping to see Damon disappointed.

“I don’t want the film to lose, I want him to lose,” Kimmel said. “I would like him to go home with nothing.”

Matt Damon (left) and Jimmy Kimmel at 68th Primetime Emmy Awards
| Credit: Vince Bucci/Invision/AP

Kimmel and Damon have long been immersed in a semi-serious feud, with Damon frequently bad-mouthing the late-night host, and with Kimmel banning the actor from his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!

“[He’s] my archenemy really. So, if the Joker and the Batman were face-to-face, there would be some kind of standoff,” he said of his feud with Damon. “And I would imagine that will be the same for this.”

Damon hasn’t minced words when it comes to Kimmel, either.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Damon said he has “extremely low expectations” for Kimmel’s hosting gig.

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“I’m gonna be there, like, a few rows deep, hoping that he messes up,” Damon said. “I might even throw things at him.”

Kimmel, however, has admitted to being nervous about hosting the show.

“I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about it sometimes,” he told ABC, adding, “My blood pressure is through the roof.”

Oscar producers Mike de Luca and Jennifer Todd recently told PEOPLE that Kimmel needed some convincing when they asked him to take on the job.

“We went over to his house and groveled — and we brought him cannolis,” Todd admitted.