November 18, 2015 12:55 PM

“Welcome to Hollywood, kid.”

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Tuesday night, Josh Hutcherson and Kimmel reminisced about the first time they met back in 2005.

And it turns out, it wasn’t the bright lights or the awe of being on a late-night talk show that stuck with a then 13-year-old Hutcherson. Instead, it was the “welcome” gift Kimmel gave the actor.

“Do you remember what you did?” Hutcherson asked. “You didn’t tell me where babies came from, but you did give me a fake ID with what looked like the beard you are now wearing.”

“You literally gave me a fake ID and said ‘Welcome to Hollywood, kid.'”

Josh Hutcherson and Jimmy Kimmel

Talk about being the “cool” host.

But the Hunger Games star, 23, did admit that the ID wasn’t foolproof, joking that he “almost got arrested a lot of times” when trying to use it.

To make the nostalgia feels even more real, Kimmel whipped out a vintage tape of their original interview. Sporting a classic childhood bowl cut, young Hutcherson beamed with excitement as he told Kimmel all about how he got his start in showbiz.

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“I kind of always loved entertaining people since I was really young, like 3 – back in the day,” he explained.

When the clip ended, both Hutcherson and Kimmel were blushing with embarrassment over their former selves. While Hutcherson mocked his young voice, Kimmel couldn’t believe how he looked.

“Never realized how fat I was until now,” he joked.

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