So Long, Boulder City: You Can Now See a Drag Version of Emma Stone's One-Woman Show from 'La La Land'

Jimmy Fowlie wrote and stars in a production that imagines what Emma Stone's character's ill-fated one-woman show from La La Land might have been

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Photo: Dale Robinette

Here’s to the ones who dream … then make their version of La La Land‘s play-within-a-movie a reality.

Actor and comedian Jimmy Fowlie is staging (and starring in) a full-length drag version that imagines what the ill-fated one-woman show performed by Emma Stone‘s character in the 2016 film might have been. And it’s already so popular, the Celebration Theatre in Los Angeles had to add dates.

“I just have to be clear — this show is ABSURD!” Fowlie told Queerty. “We are doing some justification of the facts from the film, but it’s also a comment on self-masturbatory [sic] one-person shows.”

Fowlie’s project — which shares the title of Mia Dolan’s faux-show in the film, So Long, Boulder City — started as a joke.

Earlier this year, Fowlie posted on social media, ” ‘If I wrote Emma Stone’s one-woman show from La La Land and performed it in LA, would you come and see it?’ ”

The response was overwhelming — it was a must-do. With help from director Jordan Black, Fowlie penned a script for the play. (In the film, moviegoers only see snippets of Mia Dolan’s staging of it.)

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“It was the funniest thing I had ever written,” he said. “Jordan and I were crying and howling from laughter. I knew I had to do it!”

La La Land die-hards should be wary, however: Fowlie told the outlet that they “took liberties to justify strange moments in the film.”

And there’s some inexplicable humor, like a full four minutes of Fowlie — as Mia — doing the electric slide.

“Why? Because it makes me laugh and it’s alienating to the audience and I feel like that’s what the character would do. It’s so enjoyable,” he said.

Fowlie also dons a red wig for the turn – as photographed by Casey Kringlen.

According to The Huffington Post, the first four shows sold out in just 72 hours. There are still tickets available for the new dates — but act fast!

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So Long, Boulder City, starring Jimmy Fowlie, opens on July 21 at Celebration Theatre.

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