Carrey posted his latest critical cartoon shortly after the New York Times published a new report about how Facebook has handled some recent scandals

By Maria Pasquini
November 15, 2018 11:10 AM
Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty; Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock

Jim Carrey is criticizing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg yet again.

The actor, 56, posted his latest critical cartoon shortly after the New York Times published a new report on Wednesday about how Facebook has handled a variety of recent scandals, including a claim that the company knew about Russian interference in the presidential election by the spring of 2016, but did not immediately begin investigating.

Facebook has denied this allegation, as well as a variety of others made in the report.

In the new cartoon, Carrey appears to have drawn himself looking red-faced and angry, and not Zuckerberg

“Hey #Zuckerborg. We know who you are. And we saw what you did,” he wrote, adding a link to the New York Times story.

“Here’s a little message from me in your native language,” he wrote, before adding in a string of binary numbers that may look like just 1s and 0s to most people, but translates to f— you,” according to The Hill.

While Carrey has gained notoriety recently for his political cartoons skewering Donald Trump‘s Administration, this isn’t the first time he’s gone after Zuckerberg.

In March, the actor posted a cartoonish portrait he sketched of the tech mogul, 33, along with the caption, “Who are you sharing your life with?” and the hashtag #regulatefacebook.

The black and white image, which Carrey posted in color the previous month, was updated to include Zuckerberg’s infamous quote, “They trust me, dumb f—-!” which he allegedly said in 2004 in reference to Facebook users at Harvard, according to Business Insider.

Carrey reposted the sketch just days after The Observer and The New York Times revealed that the social media network covertly shared the information of 50 million users with the political research group Cambridge Analytica, which worked for Trump’s presidential campaign. The reports have sparked widespread outrage among users and politicians in the U.S. and the U.K.

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The Ace Ventura actor began painting about six years ago, and has been demonstrating his political beliefs through his artwork. Carrey rarely explicitly names the subjects of his portraits but many appear to be prominent political figures. Over the past couple years, Carrey has taken to social media to share some of his pieces, which have generated praise, condemnation and everything in between.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour in August, Carrey explained that he started drawing the cartoons as a way to express himself in reaction to what is happening around the world.

“I’m doing cartoons because I can’t just watch this nightmare unfold. I have to alchemize it into something that is at least creative and decent. Even if it’s crass at times, I’m expressing the crass that everyone wants to express,” he said. “When I stick a flag in Trump’s ass, that is what everyone is seeing, they’re seeing him owned. I have to express that sometimes in the most crass way I can express that because I’m done with that, I’m done with liars.”