Jim Carrey opens up about his mother's struggle with pain medication when he was a child.

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Jim Carrey admits that though comedy was part of his childhood, his life at home was was not always filled with lightheartedness.

The comedian and actor, 56, opens up in a new Hollywood Reporter cover story about his life growing up with a mother who battled addiction.

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“My mother wasn’t feeling well most of the time,” Carrey says.

The Dumb and Dumber star explained that his parents were supportive of his comedy, as were his three siblings. However, he told the Hollywood Reporter, what was first just Carrey enjoying the attention then became a remedy to make his parents feel better.

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“My mom was addicted to pain medication. She was very sick in a lot of ways. She was lovely, too, but she was a child of alcoholics and she had issues. And that’s not intentional abandonment — she was always there for me, she was always there in the house — but if you’re high on painkillers, that’s abandonment. I guess we’re all abandoned to a certain extent, all of us in some way or another by something or someone, and that forms in us our belief about ourselves,” the actor added.

Carrey told Hollywood Reporter that he fell in with the wrong crowd growing up, leading to fights, his academic decline and his personal vendetta to “blame the world” after his father struggled to find meaningful work.

His family eventually fled their hometown in a VW van, Carrey said, which ultimately brought the family together.

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“We lived in campgrounds or we lived on my sister’s lawn way out in the country and, sure, it got cold in the tent, but in a weird way it was a much happier time,” the Bruce Almighty star said.

Credit: Austin Hargrave