The I Love You Phillip Morris star was warned that kissing a man could "get a little prickly"

Credit: Fame

Jim Carrey says the kissing scenes in his latest film, I Love You Phillip Morris, had at least one important thing going for them: Major chemistry.

“I mean, look at the guy. I have to say, he is a great kisser,” Carrey, 48, tells Parade of his smooches with costar Ewan McGregor.

That’s not to say Carrey – who plays an incarcerated man who falls in love with a fellow inmate – wasn’t warned about potential problems with kissing a man.

“As Ewan said, ‘When you’re kissing another guy it can get a little prickly,'” Carrey explains. “Actually, you had to put out of your mind your own sexual preference and just try to understand that you were loving another person who just happens to be a guy. It wasn’t about male or female, love is love.”

Carrey, who split from longtime love Jenny McCarthy in April, says he’s still facing some ups and downs in his life.

“There’s always some sort of deep undercurrent running under things for me,” he says “I’ve had peaks of kind of enlightenment where I felt like, ‘Oh, wow. I’ve got to figure it out. This is it. Okay. I have peace. I have bliss.’ And, then, boom, off the wave into the surf, and you’re struggling again. I definitely have those scared to death moments, but they’re what make you interesting.”