Jessica Chastain reveals how she and her Italian husband celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

Jessica Chastain and her Italian husband Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo had a classic date night to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary: dinner and a show.

The couple went to see Tony-winning musical The Band’s Visit and afterwards enjoyed a special meal together, Chastain revealed to PEOPLE.

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“It was a lot of fun!” the Molly’s Game actress, 41, said at the New York premiere of her new film, Woman Walks Ahead.

Despite Chastain’s original doubts about getting married, her first year of being wed to the Italian count has brought her more joy than ever.

“I feel even more happy being married in some strange way,” she told PEOPLE. “I was told that the first year of marriage would be really difficult and people warned me, but actually it’s incredible.”

Chastain tied the knot to the previous Armani PR director last year in the northern Italian city of Teviso at the Passi de Preposulo family estate Villa Tiepolo Passi.

The Oscar nominee expressed that even though her husband holds status as a count, it doesn’t have much of an effect on their relationship.

“We don’t get to cut in line because he’s a count or anything,” Chastain joked.

“Actually, we don’t even talk about it ever. It’s prevalent in the media but it’s not like we sit around and talk about his title,” she told PEOPLE.

Last year, Chastain told WSJ Magazine that her marriage meant celebrating that she gets to share her life with her husband. On the couple’s first anniversary this year, she continues to enjoy this excitement.

“I just feel so happy and so grateful that I get to spend everyday with my husband, so it’s been wonderful,” Chastain added.

Woman Walks Ahead is out Friday in select theaters.