September 12, 2015 03:10 PM

Matt Damon can’t seem to find his way out of space.

Jessica Chastain and Damon costar in the upcoming film The Martian, marking their second intergalactic-themed movie together, after working on 2014’s Interstellar. And in both films, Damon’s character finds himself virtually stranded in outer space.

“We’re going to just keeping leaving him on planets,” Chastain, 38, jokingly tells PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Damon, 44, doesn’t seem to mind the time alone, especially if it means getting to work with Chastain.

“Each time, I get to do a few more scenes with Jessica,” he tells PEOPLE. “We got 10 minutes in this one, hopefully a full film next time.”

While Damon might as well add “astronaut” to his resume at this point, Chastain says that even though she worked on Interstellar, she feels like The Martian was really her first introduction to space movies.

Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain
Peter Hapak

“In Interstellar it felt like I was doing a movie about the dust bowl because my character never really left earth, but it piqued my interest,” she says. “With [The Martian], I knew I was going to get to go to my own version of space camp and do my own research, and the geek in me went wild so I was happy about that.”

Part of what keeps them coming back to this genre of film is the writer’s ability to make the science “understandable and approachable,” says Damon.

Asked if she’d do another space thriller, Chastain says, “Why not,” and points out that, “There haven’t been any aliens in my movies yet.”

The Martian made its debut on Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival and will hit theaters on Oct. 2.

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