By Nicole Sands
Updated December 05, 2016 09:07 AM
Credit: John Lamparski/Getty

Jessica Chastain is doing everything in her power to shed light on the horrifying revelation surrounding The Last Tango in Paris, where the director revealed that the film’s infamous butter rape scene was not consensual with the lead actress.

“Well it came out in the news yesterday The Last Tango in Paris, there’s a quote from the director where he said he conspired with [Marlon] Brando [about] the famous scene with butter,” Chastain told PEOPLE on the red carpet premiere for Miss Sloane on Saturday.

“They conspired to basically rape [Maria Schneider’s character] and she didn’t know that that was going to happen, and he said he didn’t want her to act humiliated, he wanted her to be humiliated,” Chastain continued.

In a recently surfaced interview, Director Bernardo Bertolucci admitted to La Cinémathèque Française in Paris in 2013 that he and Brando conspired to use butter as a lubricant for the rape scene, but chose not to tell lead actress Schneider about the idea.

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The Oscar-nominated actress says it will change the way she views the film — and she thinks the film community at large should also reexamine it.

“So if that in fact is the case, I think that’s wrong and I think we need to reexamine how we look at that film and perhaps it needs to be defined as something else and not an excellent piece of film making because it’s a situation where a woman was victimized and then it was recorded and she was 19 and he was 48,” Chastain said.

Immediately after the news broke Saturday, Chastain took to Twitter express her disgust.

“To all the people that love this film, you’re watching a 19 year old get raped by a 48 year old man,” the Oscar nominee tweeted. “The director planned her attack. I feel sick.”

Chastain wasn’t the only star who was disgusted by the revelation — Captain America star Chris Evans also said he felt “rage” after reading about the interview.

–With reporting by Mabel Martinez