Jessica Chastain Says She 'Survived' a Horse Bite to the Chest: 'Literally Just Bit My Boob'

Jessica Chastain was bitten by a horse after she got too close

Is Jessica Chastain hiding carrots in her pockets?

The Dark Phoenix actress, 42, shared a video of herself getting bit by a horse after attempting to pet it.

In the clip, Chastain asks if she’s allowed to pet the horse, which was attached to a carriage on the side of the street.

“Are we allowed to touch the horse? I don’t want to do anything to get you upset,” she says to a person off camera in the video just as the horse drew closer to her.

The horse then began sniffing around her chest before finally biting down, causing Chastain to pull back and say, “Ow! That horse just bit my boob.”

“Literally just bit my boob,” she says, turning to the horse and adding, “Alright, I’m not petting you.”

She hilariously captioned the video, “I can’t believe that I survived that.”

In a comment to the video, Chastain added, “For everyone’s knowledge- Loving an animal and wanting to give it affection does not mean that I support the horse carriage industry. I always stop and ask if I can pet an animal. That’s my nature.”

Her former The Help costar Octavia Spencer couldn’t help but laugh at Chastain with a comment full of emojis, “😂🤣😂😘😘😘.”

Chastain’s video comes at a busy time for the actress who is on an international press tour for her new film Dark Phoenix, the latest adaptation in the X-Men franchise.

The film also stars Sophie Turner, Michael Fassbender, James McCoy, Jennifer Lawrence, Evan Peters and Nicholas Hoult.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters on June 7.

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