"Not to brag, but I've never looked better," she jokes of her Texas Chainsaw action figure
Credit: Xposure

There’s something about being shrunken down and molded in plastic that does wonders for a girl.

So believes Jessica Biel after she happened across her Erin action figure from the 2003 slasher flick The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

“Not to brag, but I’ve never looked better,” the actress jokes (we think) in a WhoSay post.

The action figure, which comes with a “choking hazard” for children under 3, captures a dirty, scantily clad Erin in full wide-mouthed fury/fear mode, her dark hair flying, as she tangles with the evil Leatherface (not included).

No word on what new hubby Justin Timberlake thinks.

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