Tom Brady, David Spade and Pharrell Williams also make appearances in the Hollywood-centric film
Credit: Variety/Twitter

“The next level is coming,” Jeremy Piven‘s newly minted studio head tells his boys in the new trailer for the Entourage movie.

And while it’s not exactly clear what Ari Gold is talking about, he could be hinting at the new benchmark the eagerly anticipated film reaches with the number of celebrity cameos it crams into a two-and-a-half-minute trailer.

While the HBO series had its share of high-profile guests, the big-screen version (which picks up where the series ended in 2011) features a small galaxy of stars – from Jessica Alba, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady to Liam Neeson and Gary Busey. We stopped counting at 20.

The film is due out June 5, and Adrian Grenier, who’s reprising his role as Vince, told PEOPLE earlier this month that it’s “worth the wait.”

“I would almost give a money-back guarantee,” Grenier, 38, said. “If anybody doesn’t like this movie, they can Tweet me, and I will consider giving them their money back if they can give me a reason that I think is legitimate.”