The actor stars in the first trailer for his new movie Last Call

By Alexia Fernández
February 18, 2021 12:09 PM

Jeremy Piven's latest film is a journey toward finding home again.

In a PEOPLE exclusive first look, the trailer for Last Call features Piven as a successful real estate developer, Mick, who returns to his struggling Philly neighborhood to build a new casino, only to find himself growing closer to the people he grew up with.

"They say you can never go home…," Piven tells PEOPLE. "Well, no matter much you change you revert back to the dynamics of your old relationships! Is that a bad thing, come ride with us and see."

In the trailer, Mick must come to terms with whether he is willing to raze his family's bar or resurrect it, all the while facing pushback from his friends.

Jeremy Piven in Last Call
Credit: IFC Films

The cast includes Taryn Manning who plays Ali, Mick's childhood crush who accuses him of forgetting where he comes from.

"I heard that you sold out and turned your back on the neighborhood?" Ali asks Mick.

Last Call Movie
Credit: IFC Films

"We still have The Bucket," he says, referring to his family's bar. "Maybe there's some hope left in you?" Ali says. "I see it."

The film, directed by Paolo Pilladi, also stars Bruce Dern, Zach McGowan, Cathy Moriarty and Jamie Kennedy.

Last Call is in theaters, on demand and on digital on March 19.