January 14, 2015 12:00 PM

Jennifer Lopez is a woman who knows what she wants.

In a clip exclusive to PEOPLE, Lopez, 45, tells her The Boy Next Door costar Ryan Guzman what makes for an ideal present from someone special.

“Would you rather have something big and sparkly or small and meaningful for a gift?” asks Guzman, 27.

“Can it be big and sparkly and meaningful?” she replies.

But that isn’t the only area where Lopez wants it all – she also reveals that she looks for a balance of game and honesty in a mate.

“Well without the game part, we’d probably never get to the honesty part,” she says in another teaser clip for the film, which premieres Jan. 23. “You want them to have game, but honesty is paramount. I think you should have both.”

However, meeting someone to fulfill this criteria may be a challenge for the multi-talented star, as Lopez admits to Guzman that she doesn’t date!

“I don’t go on dates,” she says. “I kind of meet people and then ”

Watch more from their talk below:

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