Jennifer Lopez passed up on the chance to star in 2002's Unfaithful opposite Richard Gere — a role that went to Diane Lane

By Alexia Fernández
January 14, 2020 07:14 PM

Jennifer Lopez is looking back at her previous brush with the Academy Awards.

The Hustlers actress, 50, spoke to Vanity Fair about whether she regretted turning down movie roles in the past and Lopez wasn’t shy about holding back.

“Yes,” she said. “There was a movie called Unfaithful. And it was offered to me and the script, for me, wasn’t all the way there. I should have known that [director] Adrian Lyne was going to kill it, but I didn’t.”

Lopez continued, “Diane Lane was so perfect for it, and it was obviously meant to be her, but when I think about that, I want to literally, like, shoot my toe off. I do.”

Diane Lane
Diane Lane in Unfaithful
| Credit: Barry Wetcher/ATG Movies

Unfaithful starred Lane and Richard Gere as a couple, Edward and Connie, undergoing a crisis in their marriage when Edward discovers Connie has lied about having an affair.

The film, which was released in 2002, ends with Edward accidentally murdering Connie’s lover Paul and dealing with the repercussions.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
| Credit: Roy Rochlin/WireImage

Lane, 54, garnered an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. In the same year, Lopez starred in two films: the thriller Enough about a woman seeking to escape her abusive husband and Maid in Manhattan, a Cinderella take on a hotel maid who meets and falls in love with a politician after being mistaken for one of the hotel’s guests.

Lopez went on to work with Gere, 70, on a different film two years later, Shall We Dance.

Now, the actress is earning rave reviews for her performance as a stripper who concocts a scheme to swindle her Wall Street clients out of thousands of dollars in Hustlers.

She was nominated for a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award, although she was snubbed for an Academy Award nomination.

Lopez’s next act is the Super Bowl LIV halftime show with Shakira on Sunday, Feb. 2.