See Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Coolidge Goofing Off in Singer's Hotel Room: 'J.Lo and J.Co'

The pals have been hanging together while out promoting their new movie Shotgun Wedding, streaming now on Prime Video

Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Coolidge make an epic dynamic duo.

The pals have been seen joking around together recently on social media while out promoting their new movie, Shotgun Wedding — like on Thursday, when Lopez posted a video to Instagram that further displayed her hilarious chemistry with "J.Co."

"Found this in my phone ... " Lopez, 53, wrote to fans with a crying-laughing emoji. "@ShotgunWeddingMovie premieres TONIGHT on @PrimeVideo!!!! But only If you feel like laughing … JLo & JCo."

"You know, this is so weird, this isn't my hotel room," Coolidge, 61, said at the top of the clip. "This is J.Lo's hotel room. Oh my God, I'm on your phone."

"Hey JLovers," the White Lotus star continued, addressing the superstar's fans. "I'm not J.Lo, but I'm ... loving you JLovers."

"Her jewels are in here," Coolidge announced while looking around below her, then added, "I'm going to be in so much trouble."

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After a string of bleeped-out swears, Coolidge whispered, laughing, "I wanna find her lashes. She has lashes that are, like, two inches long, but you can't quite tell that they're fake."

The low-light, behind-the-scenes video then cuts to a more professional shot of the ladies filming in front of a green screen.

Jennifer Lopez attends the Los Angeles Premiere of Prime Video's "Shotgun Wedding" ; Jennifer Coolidge attends the Los Angeles premiere of Prime Video's "Shotgun Wedding"
Jennifer Lopez; Jennifer Coolidge. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; JC Olivera/WireImage

"Remember, you can stream Shotgun Wedding," Lopez said. "Starring me!" Coolidge chimed in.

"And me! Exclusively on Prime Video, Jenuary 27th," Lopez said, playfully scolding Coolidge that she was "supposed to say that part" with her.

The pair went back and forth laughing until they finally got it out in unison. "Don't forget. We'll see you there," Lopez told the camera before they both concluded, "Bye!"

Prime Video's "Shotgun Wedding" - After Party
Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Coolidge. Jennifer Lopez Instagram

The 2023 Golden Globe winner just debuted her first TikTok on Jan. 19 — with a special guest appearance from Lopez.

Coolidge recited Lopez's 2002 megahit "Jenny from the Block" to celebrate joining the platform.

"Hi, this is my first TikTok and I was trying to think of something cool to do," she said, standing in front of a green screen wearing an evening gown — the same setup as the video Lopez just dropped.

"I think I'm just gonna do a poem that I like," added the American Pie alum.

Not even attempting to sing the lyrics, Coolidge then talked out the tune, over-enunciating the words for her impromptu "poetry" reading.

"Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got," Coolidge said, feigning depth as she slowly recited the words. "I'm still Jenny. Jenny. Jenny from the block." She even happened to be wearing big hoops — a trademark style of the era.

The camera then cut to a pretty-in-pink Lopez, who played into her pal's bit with a moved expression on her face. "I like that," she said, nodding. "I really, really like that."

Cue the approving fan comments. "Not since Leslie Jordan have I been so excited to see someone join TikTok," one follower wrote in support of the hilarious star.

"Only Jennifer Coolidge would be able to master TikTok on her first TikTok," quipped another.

Coolidge and Lopez first made their joint social-media debut at the Shotgun Wedding premiere, where Lopez posted an Instagram Live video from the film's Hollywood afterparty on Jan. 18 that included a cute kiss from husband Ben Affleck and a sweet moment with Coolidge.

The video started with Lopez and Coolidge chatting and dancing. Soon, Lopez realized it was an Instagram Live and addressed the camera.

"We're here at the Shotgun Wedding premiere," she said, smiling widely with her arm around Coolidge. "It was so amazing. We had such a great time."

Shotgun Wedding — also starring Josh Duhamel, Sônia Braga, Lenny Kravitz and Cheech Marin — is available to stream now on Prime Video.

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