X-Men: Apocalypse will be the actress' last film in the franchise

By Christina Dugan
Updated March 23, 2015 04:15 PM

Jennifer Lawrence will part ways with her X-Men character, Mystique, once she completes filming the latest installment in the franchise, X-Men: Apocalypse.

“It is my last one, actually,” the actress, 24, told MTV News at the premiere of her new movie, Serena, on Saturday.

Lawrence’s debut as the blue bombshell was in X-Men: First Class, which was released in 2011. After grabbing the hearts of X-Men fans around the world, Lawrence gave a return performance in X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was released in 2014.

Simon Kinberg, who co-wrote and co-produced X-Men: Apocalypse, spoke with Collider last year and hinted that the latest film would be Mystique’s last.

“I will say that X-Men: Apocalypse is definitely the close of a trilogy for those First Class characters, which isn’t to say we won’t see them in future movies, hopefully we will, but it’s a completion of an arc for them,” Kinberg said.

Kinberg also said the film will further examine the relationship between Mystique and Beast, played by Lawrence’s ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Hoult.

“The relationship between Beast and Mystique is a really interesting one that we didn’t have a lot of time to explore in Days of Future Past, so we’ll have an opportunity to do more of that in Apocalypse,” he said.

X-Men: Apocalypse is scheduled to hit theaters May 27, 2016.