Jennifer Lawrence Doesn't Want Aliens to Come to Earth: 'Have You Seen a Tom Cruise Movie?!'

The Joy actress also talks to Stephen Colbert about her exhausting work schedule


Jennifer Lawrence would not like to meet an alien, thank you very much.

While visiting the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, the usually laid-back actress talked to Colbert about the thing that frightens her most about the world.

“They released a capsule in space at some time, I don’t know when it was, with information if extra-terrestrials find it, you know, ‘This is Earth!’ ” she said. “And that upset me because it’s like, it’s my address, too, and you just sent it out and you don’t know who gonna find it.”

Lawrence continued, “Based on history, when we find each other, we kill each other. I don’t feel like aliens are gonna be like, ‘Oh great, well, let’s get along!’ They might not, they might want to destroy us – have you seen a Tom Cruise movie?”

The Joy actress also shared another upsetting story, this one about her exhausting work habits, which caused her to keep throwing up in between takes of her upcoming film.

“I’m a puker, yeah, I’m a big-time puker,” Lawrence said. “I think that I don’t stop working because I’m a show pony, I don’t have a choice, so I just keep going until eventually my body’s just like, ‘If we don’t make her barf or pass out, she won’t stop.’ ”

She added, “I get, like, Lindsay Lohan-grade exhaustion, but without any drugs or alcohol. I’m always in bed early and I’m still tired.”

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After the interview, Lawrence and Colbert played a round of “Big Questions with Bigger Stars” and share some of their deepest thoughts. For example, Lawrence said her biggest regret was “not helping that raccoon get his head out of the mayonnaise jar” and that her favorite season is “a tie between Lobsterfest and Toyotathon.”

As for what she thinks happens after we die?

“I think they give your hospital bed to someone else,” Lawrence deadpanned.

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