The Red Sparrow actress answered questions about everything from her favorite Kardashian to her tipping habits.

By Mike Miller
March 02, 2018 09:03 PM

Jennifer Lawrence isn’t usually shy about telling the truth, but she sure seemed nervous while submitting to a playful polygraph.

The Red Sparrow actress took a lie detector test courtesy of Vanity Fair, and answered questions about everything from her favorite Kardashian (it’s not Kim) to her tipping habits.

While getting hooked up to the machine, Lawrence, 27, admitted right away that she was feeling anxious, saying with a smile, “I’m living a nightmare.” Asked why, she joked, “Because I feel like everybody hates me.”

When the tester asked what makes her feel that way, she quipped, “Because of the internet.”

Jumping into the faux interrogation, Lawrence opened up about whether she believes in love at first sight (she does), whether she’s ever had her heart broken (she has) and if she would ever date a non-celebrity or someone shorter than she is (yes and yes!).

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The actress seemed daunted by the machine throughout the interview but managed to keep her cool — and even revealed more about herself than she was asked.

For instance, when the interviewer asked if she would push a person in front of a train if it meant saving 20 other people’s lives, she said yes, and joked, “Every time I’m on the subway, I always think about pushing people on the tracks. I don’t do it. I don’t get tempted to do it. But it crosses my mind.”

After realizing the polygraph recorded that she was telling the truth about the subway pushing, she joked, “I’m so happy that was confirmed with the polygraph, that I’m a psychopath.”

Check out the video for her answers about wanting to get married one day, fake tanning, using dating apps and even whether she has a favorite brother.