VIDEO: Jennifer Lawrence's Favorite Food Invention Is a Chili Pizza Sandwich, Plus More Funny Revelations from the 'Joy' Star

The Oscar winner also weighed in on the secret she'd like to know about a potential date – and it's exactly what you think

Photo: Patrick Demarchelier

// Lawrence has a lot of deep thoughts – and she’s not afraid to share them.

The Joy star, 25, displayed her signature candor in an amusing new video for, weighing in on everything from her favorite food invention to the person she would trust to help her hide a body. (Spoiler alert: It’s her favorite director).

Lawrence, 25, kicked off the video with a nod to her ubiquity as of late.

“Hi, I’m Jennifer Lawrence. Have you been hiding under a rock? How would you not know that,” she says.

Glamour‘s February cover star then went on to answer a few burning questions, including her signature scent.

“Red wine,” she declares. “I’m sure it’s always seeping from my pores. I smell like a Cabernet.”

The Kentucky native also got creative when asked to name her favorite food invention – and it is not for the diet-conscious.

“It’s called a chili pizza sandwich. You have a piece of pizza and you put noodles in it, like southern chili, and then another piece of pizza and then you eat it like a sandwich,” she explains.

And just in case you were wondering, she claims she was “completely sober” while devouring this invention.

The Hunger Games actress, who admitted to “cramping up like a pregnant lady” during the interview, also got giggly when asked what secret she’d like to know about a potential date – because she totally went there.

“Cause it’s a gamble,” she says, laughing. “It’s always a gamble. You don’t know.”

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