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September 12, 2018 09:50 AM

Jennifer Lawrence may not appear to be on social media, but she’s actually lurking in the shadows.

The Oscar-winning actress, 28, revealed in an interview published on Tuesday that she does check social media, though doesn’t comment.

“I’m on it,” Lawrence told InStyle. “But I’m a voyeur: I watch, I don’t speak,”

Part of the reason Lawrence stays hidden and silent is because she finds the Internet to be too negative, energy she doesn’t want to welcome into her life.

“There is always so much backlash,” Lawrence said to the outlet. “So many people are listening and paying attention, and they have so many opinions about absolutely everything. I really don’t want to welcome that unless it’s absolutely necessary. I don’t want to put myself out there for no reason. Unless I’m promoting something or something really burns my onions, you won’t hear from me.”

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Jennifer Lawrence
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Lawrence had previously opened up about social media back in 2014, telling BBC Radio 1 that she found technology overwhelming.

I will never get Twitter,” she said. “I’m not very good on the phone or technology. I cannot really keep up with emails so the idea of Twitter is so unthinkable to me … If you ever see a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that says it’s me, it most certainly is not … I had [the answer to that question] locked and loaded … Because the Internet has scorned me so much. And I feel like I’m that girl in high school like, ‘You wanna talk about her? I’ll take my hoops off, I’m ready to go.’ ”

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Also in her InStyle interview, Lawrence talked about everything from her personal style to how she’s gotten more confident in herself as she’s gotten older.

Asked the biggest lesson she’s learned in life so far, Lawrence went with the “It gets better” theme.

“Everything gets better as you get older. It’s easier to cut through things, and everything gets simplified,” she said. “Physically, everything gets worse. Like, why does my neck hurt? Why are my knees cracking? But emotionally, it gets better.”

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