The Oscar winner is fine with his frequent costar giving him tips during filming
Credit: Oliver Marshall Doran/Haute Living; Inset: John Salangsang/BFA, via Sipa

Robert De Niro may be 47 years Jennifer Lawrence‘s senior, but the Oscar winner thinks he can still learn a few tricks from the young actress.

De Niro tells Haute Living Los Angeles that Lawrence, his frequent collaborator, has given him acting advice on set before.

“She might give me advice about the way a scene is going or the way I should play something; I’m pretty easy about that stuff,” says the 72-year-old, who is currently starring in Joy with the fellow Oscar winner, their third David O. Russell film together.

Despite his decades in the business, the film veteran insists he isn’t bothered by Lawrence’s feedback: “That’s how it should work.”

“I just love Jennifer; she’s terrific,” he shares. “She’s got lots of great energy, she works hard and she’s just easy [to work with].”

De Niro wouldn’t necessarily return the favor, however. He says he wouldn’t give the 25-year-old any tips “unless I really felt something that I thought she really needed to know, or unless she asked me.”

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De Niro is about to hit the big screen with yet another young Hollywood star.

The actor plays Zac Efron‘s grandfather in Jan. 22’s Dirty Grandpa, a role he admits to Haute Living Los Angeles is a little outside the norm.

“I just liked the idea of doing something that was crazy and out there and different [from what I’ve done] and so I said ‘Why not?’ ” he explains.

He adds, “I just thought ‘I’ll just do it and hopefully people like it.’ It’s irreverent and a little out there – but what the hell.”