The pair dress up as their characters from the upcoming thriller Serena

By People Staff
Updated April 12, 2012 01:00 PM
2929 and Studiocanal Productions

Jennifer Lawrence‘s Hunger Games character Katniss lives in the future, but in her latest upcoming role, she plays a woman from the past – 1929, to be exact.

Starring opposite Bradley Cooper in Serena, set for a 2013 release, the actress, 21, plays his wife who can’t bear a child – and then commits a murder that involves a child her husband had before the marriage.

Glammed up in a fur-lined jacket with blonde curls, Lawrence is pictured next to her handsome on-screen husband, clad in a suit and tie, with a hat.

The movie, based on a 2009 novel by Ron Rash, is directed by Oscar winner (for the Danish drama, In a Better World) Susan Bier.
Dahvi Shira