May 16, 2018 11:53 AM

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Garner!

Jennifer Garner posted an adorable video with her mom Pat on Instagram Tuesday celebrating the matriarch’s 80th birthday. The video shows the pair, along with Pat’s brother Robert, reminiscing on the birthday girl’s life — and even includes some hilarious Oklahoma colloquialism!

After Pat says she was born on May 15, 1938, Garner tries to draw a saying out of her uncle by remarking that, “It is hot as…”

“The hinges on the gates of hell,” Robert responds. The second? “Ugly as homemade soap.”

Accompanying the video was a sweet tribute to her mom.

“I have the coziest, sweetest, funniest, most adventurous, most loving, most patient, least judgmental, most wonderful mother,” she wrote. “And she is 80 today!! Happy Birthday, Mom. We all love you—but then again, who doesn’t?! You’re as lovable as they come.”

The mother-daughter duo reveal they’re at the family farm in Oklahoma, where Pat grew up.

“Whenever I tell people I’m going home, I mean to this piece of land here in Oklahoma,” Pat says.

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And Garner even tried to pull one over on her mother, asking which of her three daughters is her favorite. Garner has an older sister named Melissa and a younger one named Susannah.

“All three [are my favorite],” Pat responds.

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