Jennifer Garner Hilariously Tries Tongue Twisters After Getting Her Mouth Numbed at the Dentist

"'It's just a small procedure,' he said. 'Not even a cavity,' he said," she captioned her Instagram video

Jennifer Garner has no problem laughing at herself!

The actress, 47, shared a hilarious video to Instagram on Thursday after a recent trip to the dentist went a little unexpectedly.

In the video, Garner tries her best to spit out several tongue twisters — but she can barely move her mouth because it was numbed during the the procedure she had done.

But the 13 Going on 30 star couldn’t help but burst into laughter mid-tongue twister and at one point holds her hand up to her mouth before continuing.

Once she finished her impressive monologue, Garner gives a triumphant “Thank you” to the camera.

“It’s just a small procedure, he said. Not even a cavity, he said. 🤐🤣🤐 #numbnumb #sonumb #numbitynumb,” she captioned the short clip.

This isn’t the first time the mother of three has gotten silly on Instagram.

Back in June, the star poked fun at herself for the never-ending stream of random items in her purse.

In another video shared on Instagram, Garner documented her search for her glasses, but instead came across several odd items in her bag, including three pairs of sunglasses, a fake credit card, playing cards and even a mini beaker.

Jennifer Garner. Jennifer Garner/Instagram

She also discovered a notebook, a datebook, floss, mints, an assortment of papers, three sunglass cases and a handful of colorful pens — all of which were checkmarked on the screen as Garner took them out one by one.

“I don’t know where my reading glasses went. They’re not in here. I quit,” she said after digging through her bag — only to find her glasses sitting on the counter.

She said in the video’s caption: “Every. Single. Time. #allofthesunglassesiveeverowned #noneoftheseeingglasses #🤓.”

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