Jennifer Garner Hilariously Reacts to Story of Convict Who Escaped to Raise a Family: 'Holy Nuts'

The story of Bobby Love, who started a new life after escaping from prison in the 1970s, went viral this week

Jennifer Garner couldn’t get enough of the dramatic viral story of Bobby Love, who escaped from prison and started a family before being re-arrested 40 years later.

Bobby and his wife Cheryl’s story was unspooled on the Humans of New York Instagram account this week, with hundreds of thousands of users coming back for eleven separate posts to see how the couple’s love story ended. Among those users was Garner, who shared her excitement in the comments section of many of the posts.

In the first post, Cheryl recalled being in her apartment in 2015 when police knocked on her door and raced toward her husband, forcing him to reveal a secret he’d kept for 40 years — his real name was Walter Miller, and he’d escaped from prison almost 40 years prior.

“Holy nuts,” Garner, 47, commented, as spotted by Comments by Celebs.

As the Humans of New York Instagram account continued to detail the events that led up to Bobby’s original arrest for bank robbery in the 1970s, Garner wrote, “Hurry up!!!”

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Courtesy Brandon Stanton/Humans of New York. Inset: Foc Kan/WireImage

Bobby was sentenced to 25 to 30 years in prison, but eventually made his escape while he was riding a prisoner transport bus to a work site, according to The News & Observer. He hid his civilian clothes under his prison uniform, jumped out of the emergency exit of the bus while it was stopped and ran off, later spending $10 on a bus ticket to Manhattan. Once free of the prison, he changed his name from Walter to Bobby Love.

“Walter! What the heck!!! 🙈,” Garner commented on one post, before adding, “Cheryl must be gobsmacked.”

“You are really taking your sweet time doling out the goods,” she wrote underneath Humans of New York’s seventh post about the story, expressing her excitement to learn how Cheryl and Bobby met. “We are all in agony — have mercy and give us Cheryl.”

Bobby got a new job working at a cafeteria, where he met Cheryl. The two wed in 1985 and raised four children — but he never told her about his past life as Walter. The Instagram account shared a photo of the couple’s children and a sweet snap from their wedding.

“My family in North Carolina kept telling me, ‘You’ve got to come clean. You’ve got to tell her.’ But they didn’t know my wife. Not like I did,” Bobby told Humans of New York. “Cheryl is a righteous woman… I’m not trying to say that she’d have called the cops on me. But she’d have made me call the cops on myself.”

“Look at that beautiful family,” Garner commented. “I feel like the next bits are going to make us cry. Poor soft, righteous Cheryl.”

After Bobby was re-arrested in 2015 and his secret was revealed, Cheryl said she was “hurt” by his lies but “never hated him.” According to Humans of New York, she kept fighting for his release — writing letters to then-President Obama and the governor, and gathering testimonials from people who knew him. After a year in prison, the parole board allowed him to come home.

“He doesn’t have to hide anymore,” Cheryl told Humans of New York. “He can look at me when I’m speaking. Not only that, he’s hearing me too. My voice is heard. I used to walk on eggshells. I used to just go along. But I told him one thing. I said, ‘Bobby, I’ll take you back. But I’m not taking a backseat to you no more.’ Because I got my own story to tell. I can write a book too. I might not have escaped from prison, and started a whole new life, and hid it from my family. But I forgave the man who did.”

“This is the most beautiful, inspiring Love story I have ever watched as a ten hour mini series,” Garner commented on the very last post. “And sitting in this big audience with everyone today has been ♥️♥️♥️. Thank you, @humansofny. You were right to take your time. Just like Bobby figured out – Cheryl was worth every second.”

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