Jennifer Garner Says She Was Embarrassed by Her Viral Oscars Moment: 'What's Wrong with Me?'

Jennifer Garner still has no idea what she was thinking when the camera caught her now-infamous epiphany at the 90th Academy Awards

Jennifer Garner still has no idea what she was thinking when the camera caught her now-infamous epiphany at the 90th Academy Awards, but she does know that she was pretty embarrassed to see the moment make headlines.

The Love, Simon actress was confronted with the unexpected viral meme on Friday’s Ellen DeGeneres Show, where host Ellen DeGeneres asked her the question still on everyone’s mind: “What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?”

Even watching the moment again made Garner, 45, turn red.

“I can’t even look at it. I can’t. It’s too embarrassing!” she told DeGeneres as the meme played on the show’s oversized monitor.

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“What is happening?” she asked herself, explaining that even she was left flabbergasted by the clip. “I have no control over this. What am I doing? … We’re standing! I don’t know, what’s wrong with me? … I wish I did [know]. I wish I had a better story about it.”

Garner went to reveal that she “started getting texts” as the meme took off, with friends asking her “‘What are you thinking? What’s happening?’ ”

“I try really hard not to see myself online but she was a little unavoidable,” Garner said.

While she was able to laugh it off, Garner made it clear that she wished it hadn’t happened.

“I regret, regret, regret,” she said. “I want to just punch her in the face!”

Still, she wasn’t apologizing. “It might happen to me any minute,” she teased DeGeneres. “I might just be sitting here and be like [‘gasp’].”

In the wake of the clip’s success, Garner offered her own theories on her Instagram Story as to what she was thinking.

“Congrats to Shape of Water! Maybe I should date a fish?” she said, referring to the Guillermo del Toro-directed Best Picture winner.

“Hey Jimmy Kimmel, what’s in your wallet? Wait where’s my wallet?” she added, alluding to the tagline of her popular Capital One Venture television commercials.

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Perhaps the best of all was her plug for her upcoming Lena Dunham TV show. “Can’t wait to work with Lena Dunham! Wait did I sign a nudity waiver?”

Garner was also asked about another moment that tickled the Internet’s fancy: a video she posted back in September of herself bursting into tears as she told someone over the phone just how much songs from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton meant to her.

In the clip, Garner tears up talking about the show (which she saw at Broadway’s Richard Rodgers Theatre in November 2015). “They did the sad part of Hamilton and I started crying and I couldn’t stop,” she tells her friend, then talking about the dentist and his staff. “He said, ‘Okay’ and I said, ‘It’s so beautiful. Listening to this song.’ It was so beautiful. That musical is so pretty. I told them about it, they have to see it.”

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If Garner was extra emotional, it was for good reason. Having just had dental surgery, the star was coming down from doses of Novocaine and laughing gas.

“I’m a little bit of a wuss about dental treatments,” she told DeGeneres, explaining she was getting multiple procedures that day. “I talked my dentist, who doesn’t usually use laughing gas, into giving me laughing gas. I’m a little bit of a lightweight. And right after I was being driven home and my sweet assistant started filming me and I called my friend because I was so proud I had done it.”

“It was a good time for everyone, as far as I can tell,” Garner added. “Hamilton really is that beautiful. I was listening because I didn’t want to hear the drill and I was crying, weeping during the procedure. And he was like, ‘Are you okay?’:

Love, Simon is out today in theaters.

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