May 31, 2018 03:16 PM

Jennifer Garner is out for justice in Peppermint.

The 46-year-old actress stars in the new action movie about a mom who pits herself against a drug cartel after her family is murdered. When the corrupt justice system fails to convict their killers, Garner’s Riley North disappears — only to come back on the 5th anniversary of her family’s death to enact her brutal revenge.

“I will kill every one of you, and then I’ll pretty much wing it from there,” her character says near the end of the trailer.

The star excitedly shared the first trailer on her Instagram Thursday.

“In all honesty, I’m terrified to show this to anyone,” Garner wrote. “But I worked so, so hard, and I’m really proud of this movie, and well, heck. Here you go. Meet Riley North. She’s a bad ass.”

Garner also kept fans updated with her workout regimen on Instagram while shooting the film and often shared videos of her in the bloody makeup. She even shared a behind the scenes video of the makeup artists turning her back into a mom at the end of the day.

She also often shared videos of her workouts with Simone De La Rue and her BodyBySimone routines.

“If you can find a workout that makes you smile, DO IT!!! Watching the sun come up or dancing mid-day, I couldn’t do better on this #nationalworkoutbuddyday than you, @bodybysimone,” she wrote on one post. “Thank you for being a bright spot in the last four years, for your inclusive, loving energy, and for making me smile my way through #PEPPERMINTmovie. You are something else.”

Peppermint will hit theaters September 8.

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