Jennifer Garner has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s top leading men including Matthew McConaughey, Mark Ruffalo, Jared Leto and more, but her latest costar might just be her biggest yet.

The actress stars with her father William “Bill” Garner in her latest Capital One ad in honor of “Bring Your Father to Work Day” — and PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at their commercial.

In the spot, Garner tells a funny story about her dad’s first reaction when she landed the Capital One ad campaign.

“When I first started working with Capital One, my dad called them up and asked for the Jennifer Garner card, which is such a dad thing to do,” she says.

When the phone operator asked if he was related to Garner, her father couldn’t hold back his pride. “He was so proud to tell her, ‘As a matter of fact she is my middle daughter,’ ” Garner says with a laugh.

And now that Bill is officially all hooked up with the Capital One Venture Card, he’s ready to take his place in the spotlight: Bill walks into the frame and delivers the famous tagline “What’s in your wallet.”

Of course, it took a few takes to get it right, as Garner could barely hold back her laughter. In a special behind the scenes clip, the actress bursts out laughing after he says his line.

“That was good dad!” exclaims the actress, who has been named one of PEOPLE’s 25 Women Changing the World.

In another clip, she jokes about messing up a take.

“If only in my childhood I could have known there would be a moment when my dad would flub a take,” she says. “I would have been so happy.”