April 09, 2018 06:11 PM

Jennifer Garner‘s backpack is filled with some very interesting items.

The 45-year-old actress, who’s shared multiple episodes of her “pretend cooking show” on social media, admitted she had consumed some wine before debuting a new Instagram-only series on Monday called “What’s In My Bag?”

As Garner explored “the depths” of her favorite backpack, she found plenty of items she seemed to have forgotten about, including an empty package of pens, multiple types of heart stickers and a geode.

Pulling the geode out of her bag, Garner laughed at her unexpected find and asked herself, “Why though?”

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Unable to find an explanation, the Camping actress simply remarked, “I don’t know.”

“On today’s episode of ‘What’s In My Bag?’ we explore the depths of my favorite backpack,” she captioned the silly video, adding the hashtags, “#ihadsomewine #notcolorcoding#whoneedsageode.”

Garner is no stranger to sharing entertaining and out-of-the-box videos with her fans on Instagram.

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In addition to her “pretend cooking show,” last month the former Alias star put on a full band uniform (complete with a pair of white gloves and a feathered hat) in order to wish her longtime pal Reese Witherspoon a very happy 42nd birthday.

After demonstrating the perfect marching form, the self-described “band geek” performed a soulful rendition of “Happy Birthday” for her friend on the saxophone.

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Shortly after Garner joined Instagram last year, she gave E! News a little insight as to why she created an account — and how she planned to use the popular social media app.

“I’ve enjoyed watching dancers that I admire from afar and feeling like I get a little insight into their lives and so it just seemed like, ‘OK that makes more sense to me,’ ” she told the outlet.

“I don’t have to go any deeper than I wanna go, I can kind of be in charge of it,” she added. “So we’re having fun with it.”

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