Jennifer Garner has stamped her seal of approval on Ariana Grande's 'Thank U, Next' music video

By Alexia Fernandez
November 30, 2018 09:53 PM

Jennifer Garner has stamped her seal of approval on Ariana Grande‘s “Thank U, Next” music video.

Grande, 25, pays tribute to multiple teen romcoms in the video, one of which is Garner’s 2004 film 13 Going on 30. Dressed in a red peplum top, blue jeans and sporting shoulder-length hair, Grande cries in front of a dollhouse much like Garner’s Jenna Rink in the film.

“Every now and then something comes along and just brightens your day,” Garner, 46, wrote in the caption. “@arianagrande you’re adorable. Thank you, pretty girl. #thankunext.”

Grande responded to Garner’s Instagram post, writing, “nooooooooOoOOoOo I’m crying. I watched this movie every night before bed growing up (and I still do sometimes, especially when I’m sad).”

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“I adore you! Thank you for all the inspiration and joy you’ve brought to my life I’m screaming bye,” she continued before adding, “and by sometimes I literally mean every night still.”

Garner also shared a screenshot of Grande from the video on her Instagram Story, writing, “adorable” with an arrow pointing at the singer and adding, “@arianagrande looks more like Jenna Rink than I ever did! #thankunext.”

The Camping actress wasn’t the only celebrity who rejoiced in Grande’s homage. 13 Going on 30 alum Mark Ruffalo also made a sweet shout-out to Grande. “Having some Razzles (it’s a candy AND a gum) in your honor, @ArianaGrande!” the actor tweeted.

Jennifer Garner instagram story Nov 30, 2018
Jennifer Garner as Jenna Rink in 13 Going on 30
Columbia Tri Star

The pop star also paid tribute to Legally Blonde, Bring It On and Mean Girls.

Reese Witherspoon gushed about Grande’s bend and snap moment, tweeting, “Can we please talk about @ArianaGrande‘s Bend and Snap?! 10/10 nailed it! #thankunext.”

Grande retweeted it and revealed the Bend and Snap needed a little “twist” to make it onto the video.

“Omg we tried to put our own twist on it so legal wouldn’t come for us but THANK U. this is the biggest honor. love u more than words,” Grande wrote back.

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Lindsay Lohan also responded to Grande’s video, although her reaction came days before it was released.

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The former Mean Girls star shared a photo of herself on Instagram, writing, “Ain’t nobody Lindsay Lohan like the real Lindsay Lohan. But so flattered by @arianagrande loving #MeanGirls so much! Also, I love #dynasty.”

The music video had cameos from several celebrities including Kris Jenner as Regina George’s mom, famously played by Amy Poehler.

Troye Sivan, Collen Ballinger (AKA Miranda Sings), Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond also starred.