Jennifer Garner Shares Sweet '13 Going on 30' Anniversary Tribute — with a Shout-Out to Ariana Grande

Garner celebrated the 15th anniversary of her hit film, as well as the accomplishments of all the young actresses she worked with

Jennifer Garner — who stars on the cover of PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful 2019 issue — is celebrating the 15th anniversary of 13 Going on 30 — and all the young women she worked with on her hit film!

The 47-year-old star shared a clip from the film involving a slumber party in which her character, Jenna Rink, invites several young girls to her apartment for a sleepover that centers on appreciating themselves as they are.

In a sweet gesture, Garner gave a shoutout to the young actresses who filmed the scene with her and gave an update on what they were doing now.

“Fifteen years ago today #13GoingOn30 made her debut, directed with ❤️ by our beloved Gary Winick 😇 and a clutch of loving, hardcore producers (3 brilliant women—before it was cool to be led by women!),” she wrote in the caption.

“The movie benefitted from the performances of so many young actresses. Open and twinkly-magical then— now, 15 years later, they are ruling the world. (Hi #SixChicks@brielarson, @ashleybenson, @christabrittany—who also played a young me in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past—and my own sweet @revjuliaroth).”

She continued, “I loved my day with this slumber party crew: they danced with abandon and reminded me of the power of just saying yes—to being in a group, to vulnerability, to wearing a bra over your clothes. At the last minute I tossed my adopted LA family member Maddy Sprung-Keyser into the scene.”

Garner explained Sprung-Keyser went on to become “an Academic All American swimmer at Amherst, got her law degree from NYU, and is producing podcasts for”

“Looking back into her adolescence—with the hair and the men not wanting to jump her bones—is extra special today,” she wrote. “Imagine if every 13 year old girl had an opportunity to dance and feel beautiful like the girls in this film. I am proud of all of you. ❤️.”

13 Going on 30
Tracy Bennett/Columbia Tri Star/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock

She also gave a shout-out to a huge fan of the film, Ariana Grande, who included it in her “thank u, next” music video in November.

“I feel so, so lucky to have had the experience of making this joyful movie,” Garner wrote. “And even luckier to be part of something that, all of these years later, can still make people (hi, @arianagrande 🤗) smile. 😁.”

Garner shot down rumors of a sequel earlier this month while on Good Morning America, joking, “What, like 15 going on 50?”

“Let’s simmer down,” she continued. “Leave well enough alone.”

The actress also added that her favorite memory involved costar, Judy Greer.

“We had so much fun together,” she said of Greer, 43. “She was my frenemy, and we are still really good friends.”

In the film, Greer played Lucy “Tom-Tom” Wyman, the stereotypical “mean girl.” The film also starred Mark Ruffalo, Kathy Baker, and Andy Serkis.

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