The cast raved about the closeness they felt on the set of the star-studded ensemble comedy

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated April 14, 2016 09:25 AM
Credit: JB Lacroix/WireImage

Turns out, even celebrities get starstruck at times.

Shay Mitchell stepped out to attend the star-studded premiere of her upcoming film Mother’s Day, where she couldn’t help but gush about getting the chance to star opposite of Jennifer Aniston.

“She is so wonderful,” the Pretty Little Liars star told reporters. “She truly made me feel so comfortable from the moment I got in, because I was kind of like, ‘Hi?!’ But you can’t show that, and she was so wonderful and so amazing to work with.”

Mitchell, 29, said her biggest challenge working alongside Aniston, 47, was having to get over her Friends obsession.

“I was just scared that I would say, ‘Rachel!’ ” she joked. “The whole time I was like, ‘Shh, shh.’ ”

And it seems the feeling of admiration was mutual among the rest of the cast. Aniston and Julia Roberts both opened up about the closeness they felt on set.

“They’re just incredible,” Aniston told reporters. “All they want is for you to be happy. It’s a family set, a family affair. Everyone is just having a good time.”

As for Roberts – who undergoes quite a transformation in the film with a chic, crimson bob – the actress says there wasn’t much fuss that went into her sleek new ‘do.

“I’ve heard a lot about my look in the movie,” Roberts, 48, said at the premiere’s red carpet. “There’s a lot of interpretation about my look. I wish I could’ve put that much thought into it. It was kind of, like, quick putting it together.”

Mother’s Day

, which features various storylines organized around the holiday (much like director Gary Marshall’s other movies Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve), also stars Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis.

The comedy is slated for an April 29 release.