Jennifer Aniston stars in a new Emirates Airline ad, and PEOPLE has the exclusive bloopers.

Jennifer Aniston is back in the air for a new Emirates Airline ad, and this time she has an adorable new co-pilot under her wing.

The 46-year-old ambassador for the airline stars in a new commercial for the brand, which takes place mid-air on one of the company’s international flights.

In the ad, Aniston befriends a young traveler named Cooper (he says she can call him Coop), who has dreams of becoming a pilot. Together they explore the luxurious double-decker airplane, and stop by the Emirates’ signature bar for a couple glasses of carrot juice (Coop reminds Aniston that pilots need strong eyes).


Next, Coop brings Aniston to meet his parents, who have some priceless expressions when their son returns to his seat accompanied by a movie star. Aniston decides to hang out with her new friend in coach, and Coop’s mother has no problem trading with the actress for her first class lodgings.

The commercial gave way to some hilariously adorable bloopers, which PEOPLE shares below exclusively.

Check out the clip for some more aww-inducing moments.