Jason Bateman costars as her neurotic best friend in The Switch

By Catherine Donaldson-evans
March 18, 2010 05:05 PM
Charles Sykes/AP

Jennifer Aniston has decided to start a family of her own – on film. In The Switch she plays a 40-year-old single woman named Kassie who decides it’s time to get pregnant and finds a sperm donor (Patrick Wilson) to make it happen.

Jason Bateman costars as Aniston’s neurotic, hypochondriac best friend who secretly has feelings for her and tries to talk her out of having a baby with a stranger. Kassie’s plan goes wrong when Bateman’s character, Wally, drunkenly switches the donor Roland’s sample with his own.

He and Kassie lose touch, only to reconnect seven years later when he gets to know her – their – son. Not surprisingly, the little boy is a lot like his dad. Things are further complicated by the sperm donor, who is not only still in the picture but has managed to fall in love with Kassie, too.

The Miramax movie, due out in August, also stars Jeff Goldblum and Juliette Lewis.
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