The star tells PEOPLE about reuniting with "comic tornado" Carrey

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Things you can count on in life: cat videos, Pamela Anderson’s confusing romantic choices and Harry and Lloyd being really, really dumb.

The pea-brained characters, played by Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels, are back in the sequel to 1994’s Dumb and Dumber – and they’re still “oblivious to the world around them,” Daniels tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue. “We haven’t gained one ounce of intelligence in 20 years.”

For Daniels, 59, shooting Dumb and Dumber To, out Nov. 14, meant the opportunity to reteam with “comic tornado” Carrey, 52.

“We’re friends. Harry and Lloyd are friends,” he says. “That feeds into the chemistry.”

Although two decades had passed since they made the original film, “what was wild was from the first morning of the first day of shooting, I was Harry and he was Lloyd and it was like we had done the first one six months ago,” Daniels says. “We just plugged into each other.”

It’s a whiplash-inducing change of pace for Daniels, who won an Emmy last year for his portrayal of brilliant TV journalist Will McAvoy on the HBO drama The Newsroom.

“Sunday night I’m winning the Emmy, a surprise, and Tuesday morning I’m on the set, walking with Lloyd,” he says. “That should send me reeling into therapy, but I’ve escaped it so far.”

What would happen if Will (IQ approximately 160) and Harry (IQ 80) ever met?

“I have imagined a day when Will is sitting in a diner and there s only one seat left in the restaurant, and Harry Dunne comes in and sees it and says, ‘You mind if I sit there?’ ” Daniels says. “So Harry Dunne and Will McAvoy are having breakfast together, and Harry won t stop asking him questions. I’ll probably do it. I’ll find a diner and set it up and do one of those acting-with-myself things.”

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