December 18, 2018 01:15 PM

Watch out, gentlemen! Jason Momoa is ready to steal your girl.

The 39-year-old Aquaman star revealed on The Graham Norton Show this past Friday that couples will often ask him for pictures at comic book conventions. The woman is usually eager to cozy up to him while the man is, well, less into the whole situation.

When the host asked the Game of Thrones alum how these interactions normally begin, he explained: “Well, a married couple comes up and they wanna take a picture, and then generally it’s the woman who wants to get the hug and they want me to push their husband away or like kick him in the face. So I do it. But sometimes it’s the man.”

Then Norton presented some examples. In the first, Momoa hugs a woman while she is still kind of holding hands with her boyfriend, who is looking at the actor with a confused face.

The next one shows Momoa again hugging a woman but this time with his back to her partner. She’s smiling from ear to ear as the unwitting man crosses his arms and sternly looks at the camera.

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“I feel like he just got a girlfriend, and now look. He’s properly upset” Norton quiped.

The third photo depicts a similar scenario but with Momoa looking seductively at the camera as he dips a woman dressed as Daenerys Targaryen, Momoa’s Thrones love interest.

Jason Momoa

And in the last (but the best!), not only does Momoa have his arm on a woman’s shoulder, but he’s also pushing her husband’s head so he can’t look at their blossoming love. The actor also signed over the poor guy’s face, adding insult to injury.

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To finish up the gag, Norton encouraged his three guests, including musician Bill Bailey and actress Darcey Bussell, to recreate the love triangle. Bussell then wrapped her arms around Momoa’s waist while he drank a bear and placed his hand on top of Bailey’s head to keep him at arm’s length.

During his tour to promote the DC Comics classic, Momoa has been bringing the charm. When he appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden recently, he “geeked out” over meeting fellow guest Julia Roberts and posted the evidence on Instagram. He brought his mom behind the scenes, too.

In one selfie of the father of two and the beloved actress, they flashed silly faces at the camera. For the second and third images, Momoa’s mother, Coni, joined them. In a white peasant blouse, she was all smiles over the close celebrity encounter.

The actor captioned the photo: “Took me MA to see James Corden. Meet the legend Julia Roberts the momoaz geeked out a lil. Aloha j.”

Aquaman hits theaters Dec. 21.

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