Jason Derulo Says He Thought the Movie Adaptation of Cats 'Would Change the World'

"Even when I saw the trailer, I got chills down my spine!" Jason Derulo said

Jason Derulo had high hopes when he was cast in the movie adaptation of the musical Cats.

In a new interview with The Telegraph, Derulo — who starred in the film alongside Idris Elba, Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, Rebel Wilson, Jennifer Hudson and James Corden — said he believed that Cats was the perfect role for his big screen debut.

"For the longest time, I was trying to figure out what’s the perfect first role,” the singer, 30, shared. “Cats checked all the boxes. You can’t get a more start-studded cast, you don’t get a more respected director than an Oscar winner, and Rum Tum Tugger is a legacy role, a standout character in a classic musical."

The "Watcha Say" singer admitted that he was initially optimistic about the film's success, telling the outlet, "even when I saw the trailer, I got chills down my spine!"

"Like, I know some people saw it and they were terrified, but I got chills down my spine!" Derulo said, adding, "I thought it was gonna change the world.

Jason Derulo in Cats
Jason Derulo in Cats. Universal Pictures UK

Cats, directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper, who co-wrote the screenplay with Lee Hall, was released in theaters in December to largely negative reviews and was considered a box-office bomb.

Andrew Lloyd Webber, who composed the original musical, recently slammed the film adaption in an interview with the U.K.'s Sunday Times, calling it "ridiculous."

"The problem with the film," said Webber, "was that Tom Hooper decided that he didn’t want anybody involved in it who was involved in the original show. The whole thing was ridiculous."

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Lloyd Webber. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

However, other stars — including Swift, 30 — have said only positive things about their experience working on the film.

In January, the pop star told Variety that had “no complaints” about starring in the movie, for which for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe for best original song.

"I’m not gonna retroactively decide that it wasn’t the best experience," Swift said. "I never would have met Andrew Lloyd Webber or gotten to see how he works, and now he’s my buddy. I got to work with the sickest dancers and performers. No complaints."

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