The actress called on her followers to join her in advocating for climate change action

By Claudia Harmata
April 22, 2020 10:34 AM
Credit: Jane Fonda/TikTok

This Earth Day, Jane Fonda wants you to join the fight against climate change.

On Tuesday, the 82-year-old actress and longtime activist shared her third-ever TikTok video in honor of Earth Day, which is celebrated around the world on April 22.

In the video, Fonda shares her own fun take on the popular trend that has users uploading videos of their daily 9 to 5 routines while social distancing due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic — all set to the hit song, “9 to 5” by Dolly Parton.

Her post starts with Fonda jumping out of bed when her alarm goes off and she heads straight to her coffee maker, where she pours herself an espresso shot in a mug that features a print of her famous 1970 mugshot.

Credit: Jane Fonda/TikTok

“Mug shot makes a good mug shot,” she wrote over the footage.

She then moves on to do a series of squat exercises that she jokes she did “in jail” — as Fonda spent one night in prison last year after being arrested while protesting climate change.

From there, the environmentalist begins to read the paper when she realizes that “climate is a s—show” and plans to “get to work.”

The Klute star then makes her way over to her computer where she attends a Zoom meeting with her crew at Fire Drill Fridays — a weekly rally that she launched in D.C. — and Greenpeace USA, an organization fighting for environmental justice.

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“Lots of amazing young people working beyond 9-5 to save the climate. I joined them & so can you! #earthday #9to5#FireDrillFriday,” Fonda captioned the video.

Credit: Jane Fonda/TikTok

The footage ends with a hilarious clip of the actress asleep at her computer with an empty martini glass close by. “Work Hard, Play Hard,” she wrote over the ending of the clip.

Fonda, of course, starred in the popular 1980 movie, 9 to 5, from which the Parton song comes.

Credit: Jane Fonda/TikTok

Last year, Grace and Frankie star was arrested while unlawfully protesting on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in October. Those protests were the beginning of Fire Drill Fridays, which the actress says she plans to hold virtually throughout the pandemic.

“Now this pandemic is causing terrible suffering and changing what we can do in this time of social distancing,” she writes in a recent issue of PEOPLE. “But it’s also an important teachable moment for the other pandemic that confronts us: the climate crisis.”

“COVID-19 is teaching us how dangerous denial is and how important science and preparedness is. It’s also proving that we are able to take massive collective action when the stakes are high,” she adds. “Clearly we are capable of fundamentally changing our behavior to protect the health and safety of our families. We’re also seeing how nature can heal when we take action.”

Fonda says she “never imagined” protesting from her computer, but she feels it’s “just as important” as when she’s on the Capitol steps.

“I’m continuing to host virtual programming for Fire Drill Fridays. We mustn’t allow our government to help corporations, especially the fossil-fuel industry, instead of its citizens,” she writes. “Fighting for the climate can create countless jobs, reallocate funds to invest in clean, renewable energy and end our dependence on oil.”

To get involved in Fire Drill Fridays, text JANE to 877-877.