Who Rules the Dance Floor at Jane Fonda's Star-Studded Parties? (Hint: It May Be a 'Hunger Games' Star)

In a new interview, Jane Fonda also shares her take on gender inequality in Hollywood

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jane Fonda may be 77 years old, but she still knows how to have fun – and lots of it.

The Youth star is dishing on her super exclusive dance parties, and revealing who makes the guest list in a new Vulture interview.

First, Fonda shared the recipe for a great bash: “There’s no dinner.”

“It’s always after dinner, after babies have been put in bed,” she explained. “We usually have a few special cocktails, and regular booze – and a little stuff to nosh on so that people don’t get too drunk.”

Fonda, who lives with longtime boyfriend Richard Perry, said they recreated the “infamous pub” from one of his prior homes in their own house, complete with a jukebox and plastic palm trees.

“Sometimes I’ve had a disc jockey, but more often than not, I’ll ask a few key people like Catherine Keener to bring their playlists. She has great taste. Diane Lane is very good, too,” said Fonda, who earlier this year revealed that she once skinny-dipped with Michael Jackson.

So who is groovin’ to the hits that D.J. Lane spins? A who’s who of celebrities.

“I try to invite people who are very good dancers,” Fonda shared. “I’m not, so I sit and watch a lot.”

Elizabeth Banks and Ellen Page get high marks, while Keener, Bill Maher and Jake Shears, according to Fonda, should maybe stay off the dance floor.

“I invite some people because they bring their friends who are fabulous dancers,” Fonda said. “When I have my next one, James Corden is definitely going to be invited.”

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The actress also opened up about sexism in the industry, something many stars are using their platform of celebrity to call out.

“This is a real issue,” Fonda shared, adding, “The thing is, it’s not just true of movies – it’s true across the board. Women earn approximately 75 percent of every dollar that a man earns from doing the exact same work, and it’s been that way for a long, long time.”

Fonda added that she sees change on the horizon, though.

“The good news is that you can’t solve a problem until you name it, and now it’s being named,” she said. “If you don’t get the narrative of the other half, you’re going to be diminished because of it.”

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