Jane Fonda looked happier than ever on the arm of her very special date on Thursday night

By Alexia Fernández
September 14, 2018 02:46 PM
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Jane Fonda looked happier than ever on the arm of her very special date on Thursday night.

The actress, 80, walked the red carpet in Los Angeles for the premiere of her upcoming HBO documentary Jane Fonda in Five Acts looking beautiful in a black long-sleeved top with a black cinched belt and sparkling black pants.

Fonda was joined by her son, Troy Garity, 45, who gave his mother support in a casual outfit of dark gray T-shirt, black pants and a tan bomber jacket.

The two looked happy as they posed for photos together.

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Garity is Fonda’s son by politician Tom Hayden, who passed away in October 2016 in Santa Monica, California.

The Book Club actress has two other children from previous relationships including daughter Vanessa Vadim, 49; and daughter Mary Luana Williams, 50.

Jane Fonda in Five Acts follows the actress through different aspects of her life including her professional acting career, her political activism and controversies as well as her fitness regime.

Garity told Variety on Thursday night he was proud of his mother.

Jane Fonda
| Credit: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

“It’s a line between fearlessness and stupidity,” he said. “My mom will get an instinct that resonates true within herself and she acts on it. If she thinks there’s an unjust war that will harm people she cares about it, she’ll throw her body into it to stop it.”

“If she feels that she has been betrayed by society’s values by inheriting a negative perception about what she looks like, she’s going to fix that by diving head first into fitness,” Garity added.

Jane Fonda in Five Acts will air on HBO on Sept. 24.