Jamie Lee Curtis Faces Michael Myers One Last Time in 'Halloween Ends' Trailer

Halloween Ends will be released in theaters on Oct. 14

Halloween is reaching its conclusion.

On Tuesday, Universal Pictures debuted the first trailer for Halloween Ends, the third and final installment in the sequel trilogy that continued the story of the 1978 horror classic. The new movie follows 2018's Halloween and 2021's Halloween Kills.

In the trailer, Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode points a gun at Michael Myers. She's heard saying, "Come on, let's go," before the teaser cuts to him slamming her on a table.

Showing no fear, Strode tells Myers, "Come get me motherf-----" as he sneakily approaches her around the corner of a wall. Their gruesome and brutal fight ends with Strode seemingly stabbing him.

Earlier in July, John Carpenter, who directed the original Halloween and serves as an executive producer here, said the new film, directed by David Gordon Green, is a "departure" from the previous installments. "You'll see it's a departure from the others. It's interesting. Dave is a really good director. I love working with him," Carpenter, 74, told Syfy Wire.

Additionally, producer Jason Blum teased in June to ScreenRant that he'd seen an early cut of Halloween Ends: "It's very good. I'm very excited. We have a few little things to fix on it and finish, but I'm very excited for our last Halloween movie."

Michael Myers (aka The Shape) and Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode in HALLOWEEN ENDS, directed by David Gordon Green
Ryan Green/Universal

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He added, "I didn't say it's gonna be the last Halloween movie. It's our last Halloween movie. We have no more rights to make any more Halloween, so it goes back to Malek [Akkad]. And what he does, only he knows, but we are done. And this is our last one and I think people will be very happy."

In February, Curtis, 63, shared photos from her last day on set making the movie, calling it a "bittersweet" day. Then, in March, the actress told PEOPLE about returning to the iconic franchise for this trilogy.

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"The last thing I ever thought I would do is another Halloween movie five years ago," she said at the time. "And then now I've made three of them. They have been incredibly well-received. People love them. This last movie is very emotional, deeply emotional."

She said she cried on set that final day: "I'm a sobber. I said goodbye to a crew of people who have been so generous to me, who were so warm and loving to me. Because Laurie Strode had the 'S' kicked out of her — she emotionally had so much going on, this sweet girl — and they were always there. It was hard to say goodbye to them."

Halloween Ends is in theaters Oct. 14.

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