Jamie Lee Curtis Felt 'Embarrassed' Going Nude in 'Trading Places' : 'I Wouldn't Do It Today'

"It's the last thing in the world I would do now," Jamie Lee Curtis told PEOPLE (The TV Show!) of her infamous nude scene in 1983's Trading Places

Jamie Lee Curtis has long put her skin-baring days behind her.

The Golden Globe winner, 63, said she "would absolutely not" go nude onscreen at this point in her career after her infamous topless scene in 1983's Trading Places, as she sat down this week with PEOPLE (The TV Show!)'s Adrianna Costa.

"I was 21 years old and the part required Ophelia to take off her dress," she said. "Did I like doing it? No. Did I feel embarrassed that I was doing it? Yes. Did I look OK? Yeah. Did I know what I was doing? Yeah. Did I like it? No. Was I doing it because it was the job? Yes."

"I wouldn't do it today, it's the last thing in the world I would do now," Curtis continued. "I also am married for 37 years, I wasn't married then. I'm a mother of children. Absolutely not."

She starred alongside Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy in the comedy classic about a wealthy commodities broker (Aykroyd) and a down-on-his-luck street hustler (Murphy) who become the unwitting subjects of a bet to see how they fare when their circumstances are swapped.

Jamie Lee Curtis
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Curtis previously recounted watching another one of her risqué scenes, the striptease in 1994's True Lies, with father Tony Curtis, when she appeared last June on the PEOPLE in the '90s podcast.

"Thousands of people — and you know, it gets really quiet during that sequence, because it's a little sexy. Then when [Helen] falls and then gets back up, oh my God," she recalled. "The place, it was a huge … because you're anxious. Then the laugh, and it's all [director James Cameron]. To his great credit, it's all him. He knew, it's a comedy. It's a comedy."

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Although the Halloween Kills star has no intention of going nude for the camera again, she still knows how to turn heads. She bared some major cleavage in a plunging Alex Perry gown at last year's Golden Globe Awards.

"You know, once in a while, everybody needs to come out, get a little sunshine," she joked on Today at the time. "They are now well-fed. They are back in the stable. They don't need to come out for another five years."

You can enjoy more of the My Hand in Yours founder's work in her new children's book, What Do You See?: A Conversation in Pictures.

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