The actor talks about bringing out a more "human" side to his kinky billionaire character

By Kara Warner
Updated February 09, 2017 06:40 PM

Is there a softer side to Christian Grey?

In returning to the role of the kinky billionaire in Fifty Shades Darker, Jamie Dornan says he brought out a more “human” side to the character.

“I definitely feel with this movie, Darker, I was given a little bit more control over how I wanted to play him, and elements of his character that I wanted to show and basically own it a little bit more,” Dornan, 34, tells PEOPLE, adding that much of his inspiration came from author E.L. James’s source material. “I didn’t really feel I had an opportunity, due to lots of different circumstances, with the first movie, so that was pleasing.”

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Dornan, who also stars as a merciless serial killer in the BBC thriller The Fall, adds: “Having done television before, being able to return to a character and keep the groove going is something I really enjoy, why I am desperate to do more television that is well-crafted like that because it’s exciting to go back for lots of different reasons, but then equally you get this if you do a trilogy or series of films.”

So which new elements of Christian was Dornan excited to explore?

“I wanted to make him more human,” he says. “To make him more relatable to guys as much as anything else, and to make him more attractive to women and that’s a big part of it and I felt like maybe some of that wasn’t achieved in the first movie if I’m being really honest. So I wanted to see him smile more and make him someone that is an actual human being.”

Fifty Shades Darker opens on Friday.