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James Woods tweeted his appreciation for the emergency response team in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, on Monday

December 15, 2015 12:35 PM

James Woods said that he’s thankful for his life after surviving a scary seven-car accident in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, on Monday.

The 68-year-old White House Down star shared the frightening ordeal through Twitter, writing that he is “so happy to be alive.”

In a series of tweets, the actor said he was driving through Glenwood Canyon, a scenic canyon on the Colorado River, when another driver “doing 75+ in an ice storm spun out.”

“I hit right wall to avoid him, spun 180, hit left wall sliding backwards going 60 mph,” he wrote. “Huge drop 100 feet into river below, but the guardrail held. I managed to pull out and slide down out of oncoming traffic. Six car pileup.”

Woods said he was “banged up” and his car was wrecked but that there were no deaths.

“Good to be alive. Glad everybody survived,” he added.

Woods wrote that, including his own vehicle – a “4WD Jeep Grand Cherokee” – there were seven cars involved in the crash. He said that authorities told him that he was the only driver that didn’t collide with another vehicle.

“That Jeep saved my life,” he wrote. “An old tank.”

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The star specified the area of the accident was the “treacherous” part of I-70 “going west,” before revealing that he had a “little concussion” but was “doing great.”

According to local newspaper the Post Independent, the crash was presumably in Garfield County, during a snow storm.

Two semi trucks also struck each other on the same stretch of road Tuesday afternoon, but, according to the Post Independent, it was a separate accident.

Woods also used the social media site to express his gratitude toward the responding authorities, including the EMTs on site and the emergency-room doctors at Glenwood Springs hospital.

“Every person I dealt with here in Colorado was just superb, professional and caring, he wrote, adding, “I tell you one thing, I admire the fire and police personnel and tow truck drivers out there in storms on dangerous roads. God bless them.”

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