July 08, 2008 02:30 PM

James McAvoy knows he’s not the average action hero, but confesses his desire to play Die Hard-like roles.

“I think inside all actors, there’s a kid who secretly yearns to jump off buildings and say ‘Yippeekayay, motherf—–!'” the Wanted star, says in the August cover story of Details. “I also thought that the fact that they were willing to cast someone like me [in Wanted] showed a willingness to step outside the usual action-movie realm.”

Not that the Atonement actor lives a particularly action-packed real life. The Scotsman, 29, admits he’s lived a quiet lifestyle throughout his 20s.

Instead of partying, in 2006 McAvoy settled down with actress Anne-Marie Duff, who is eight years his senior. But don’t expect him to dish on his wife or even his sister, says the interview.

“If anybody wants to talk about their own family, fine,” McAvoy says. “It’s not that I think it’s wrong – it’s just that I think it’s dangerous.”

The actor is, however, vocal about the state of Hollywood and the pressures it puts on women.

“I saw a clip of something – this girl has on a humongous fat suit and she’s singing that ‘my milk shake brings all the boys to the yard’ song, and I just felt like, ‘That’s so disrespectful.’ I would not want to be a woman in this industry. Horrible.”

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