"What a nice Christmas gift that was," said Marsden after meeting Mirren

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated November 28, 2016 02:25 PM

James Marsden just got the ultimate early Christmas present.

The Westworld actor, 43, appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, where he revealed his “massive” crush on Dame Helen Mirren.

“I just love her, I do,” he said. “I’ve had a massive crush on her for years.”

Fortunately for him, Mirren was also a guest on Monday’s episode. And while Marsden said that he didn’t get a chance to meet her backstage, he did have one rather unique encounter with the Oscar legend a few years ago — he once stalked her through an airport.

“I was on a flight with her once to Rome, and when I got off the flight, I followed her to baggage claim and, in a very voyeuristic creepy way, I took a photo of her while she was walking,” he said. “Very creepy! I was avoiding seeing her backstage because I didn’t want her to know I was stalking her in Rome in an international airport.”

And just as the hilarious picture flashed across the screen, Mirren popped out and surprised Marsden on stage. Mirren, 71, greeted her admirer with a kiss on the lips, which left Marsden at a loss for words.

The two went on to snap a few pictures together of their own — including a shot from behind to mimic his now infamous shot.

“You are so handsome,” Mirren said as she walked off stage.

Naturally, Marsden literally fell to his knees in disbelief of the encounter.

“What a nice Christmas gift that was,” he said.