By Mia McNiece
Updated October 26, 2016 02:08 PM

James Franco is throwing his hat into the political ring with a funny new campaign endorsing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

The $1 million campaign, which will target millennial voters in key battleground states, features the actor, 38, discussing why Hillary Clinton is the “most interesting woman in the world” and urges Americans to “vote wisely” on Nov. 8.

In the video, Franco, 38, spoofs the famous Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” ads and gives his reasons why he thinks Clinton is “the most interesting woman in the world.”

“When she opens up a can of whup-ass, she always recycles,” he says in the video. “Her secret service code name is Hermione because she is a f—— wizard.”

Franco teamed up with EMILY’s List, Priorities USA and Schlep Labs to launch #MostInterestingWoman Campaign in Support of Hillary Clinton and said in a statement, “I am excited to work with an amazing team to create and distribute this unconventional endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president.”

He added: “Hillary Clinton has led an amazing life; it is not a stretch to describe her as ‘the most interesting woman in the world.’ I wanted more people, particularly younger people, to get to know an extraordinary woman who has, through a lifetime a work, earned our trust and support.”